The Starting Line (Based on a true story) Band tee (SOLD)

The starting Line (Based on a true story) band tee
Condition : 10/10

Size:M (P2P:19 L:26)
Tag :Fruit of the loom (50/50 blend)

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The Starting Line is a from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area that formed in 1999. They are currently signed to Virgin Records.

Their major label debut, Based on a True Story, came out in May 2005. Lyrically, the band dissociated themselves from the post-relationship formula that was predominant on their previous records. The otherwise very positive and cheerful album was overshadowed by several rather angry songs, written to spite the band's record label. Songs like "Inspired by the $" featured lyrics that are unmistakably directed at Geffen: "Get to the point/Get it across/To the boys at the top of the ladder I'm climbing up/I have my doubts". Another section of the song refers to a meeting the band had with the label's executives, where The Starting Line was asked to write more radio-friendly songs in the vein of New Found Glory's Catalyst (2004) and recreate "The Best of Me" ("Just stay the same way/Do it like you did it before/Remain the same shape", followed by "If I did it again, then Lord stop me, then/God help me now, Lord help me out").

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