VTG Hand Across Vermont tee (SOLD)

VTG Hand Across Vermont Tee
Condition : 9/10 (ada lubang kecik bwh ampit kiri..yg len tip top)
Size:M on tag,fit S(P2P:16 L:26)
Tag :My Shirt USA

The Dillinger Escape Plan band tee (SOLD)

The Dillinger Escape Plan Band Tee
Condition : 9/10 (Graphic ada pecah2 sket..overall tiptop)
Size:L(P2P:22 L:27)
Tag :3A

VTG quote by Hi-cru tee (SOLD)

VTG Quote by Hi-cru Tee
Condition : 10/10 (100 cotton)
Size:M(P2P:18 L:24)
Tag :Hi-Cru

VTG Harley Davidson tee 50/50 (SOLD)

VTG Harley Davidso 2blend Tee
Condition : 10/10 (lengan kiri ja ada terbuka jahitan sikit..small prob..overall tiptop)
Size:L(P2P:23 L:27)
Tag :Harley Davidson

VTG Quote 2 blend tee (SOLD)

VTG Quote Tee
Condition : 10/10
Size:S(P2P:16 L:25)
Tag :Screen Stars

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